245 euros of savings in average with Direct Insurance

Direct Insurance introduces its new study

Each year, Direct Insurance and Ipsos are conducting a survey on the follow-up of the average saving achieved by our new customers. And according to the insurer direct, they make real savings by choosing these offers. Results.

Save money with Direct Insurance

On the basis of a representative sample of 721 new customers Direct Insurance with two profiles :

  • new clients have retained the same vehicle and the same guarantees between their former insurer and Direct Insurance.
  • customers who have changed vehicle and having the opportunity to compare the offers Direct Insurance with other insurers.

Direct Insurance has drawn conclusions from its latest study conducted in September 2017. Overall, the new customers have made significant savings by taking out a contract of insurance with the insurer direct.

In figure :

  • 93 % of these customers reported average savings of 245 euros by signing a contract at Direct Insurance
  • 394 clients have signed a contract for All Risks : 94 % of them reported average savings of 261 €
  • For more than 9 out of 10 customers, Direct Insurance can be distinguished from other insurers by a best quality / price ratio.

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