A chatbot road safety signed Allianz France

Test your knowledge of the highway Code with the chatbot Allianz

Since 27 November, and until today, Allianz France, in partnership with the French Road safety association provides motorists the French to revise the Code of the road. To do this, a chatbot teaching has been developed. Presentation.

A iPhone 8 to win with «Test your code»

Road safety initiatives, the Allianz group is innovating.
In effect, the insurer currently offers a chatbot with the assistance of the association of Road Prevention. Available on Facebook Messenger, and baptized » Test your code «, it helps to review knowledge on the highway Code.

Through 2 sessions of 5 days, this chatbot helps to deal with different themes such as the phone at the wheel, the safety distances or even the lights of the vehicle. Participants can win a iPhone 8, Apple Watch S3 as well as an audio headset.

A unique initiative in the field of road safety

Specifically, the chatbot «»Test your code» is a robot that is able to exchange directly with internet users via a conversation in natural language.

In this case, participants respond to the questions asked by the chatbot, and they are adjusted if the response is not correct.

Finally, note that this is a great first. In fact, this is the first time that a chatbot is used on Messenger for of road prevention.

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