A million euros for The Manufactures Aviva in 2018

Endowments are more important for The Manufactures Aviva 2018

On January 9, 2018, Aviva France will launch the 3rd edition of The Mill Aviva. Objective : to provide support to the bearers of innovative projects in the areas of environmental, social, employment and health. To do this, the allocations have been revised upwards to reach up to 85 000 euros. Spotlight.

Six new partners

Last year, The Manufactures Aviva has brought together more than 1,250 holders of projects at the same time innovative and useful to society. Among them, 200 projects have been designated as finalists following the vote of 2.5 million people.

Then, these are 58 Major Winners who have been selected by juries of local and a national jury, with the key prizes of 5 000 to 50 000 euros for the financing of their projects.

In 2018, The Manufactures Aviva will offer higher earnings : € 15 000, € 20 000, € 25 000, 50 000 euros and up to 85 000 euros for the project sacred «Coup de coeur» of the jury final.

Finally, for this new edition, 6 new partners have decided to join the adventure to offer guidance to the participants throughout the duration of The Manufactures Aviva.

The steps of The Manufactures Aviva 2018

For this edition 2018, the different moments have already been revealed :

  • Thecall for projects : from January 9 until February 20, 2018, it will be possible to apply on the web platform,dedicated
  • Theappeal to the votes of the general public : from 6 march to 10 April, the various projects that appear on the website of The Manufactures Aviva, and will be subject to votes by the general public ; on the 30th of April, the 140 projects that have received the most votes will be designated finalists
  • Theassessment by local juries : from 30 April to 19 June, juries premises will evaluate these 140 projects to retain 9 projects «Coup de coeur» of the jury and regional 24 projects submitted to a national jury on June 19,
  • The grand finale : on June 19, the national jury shall apportion the allocations of € 15 000, 20 000€, 25 000€, 50 000 € among the 24 projects mentioned above, and a project is elected «Coup de coeur» jury final » will receive 35 000 euros that will be added to 50 000 euros.
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