After a decade, Amaguiz not post more losses

The insurer, Amaguiz finally in the green ?

If we are to believe a recent article of The Argus of insurance, Amaguiz would have finished with losses. Under the leadership of Nicolas Schwartzmann, the new director-general appointed in January 2017, the subsidiary’s direct sale of Groupama would be the balance for more than 10 years after its launch. Explanations.

250 000 insurance contracts identified

The direct insurer Amaguiz has come a long way since its inception in 2007. Besides, he would have reached the 250 000 insurance contracts, which represents a growth of 14 % in 2017.

Further, The Argus insurance reveals thatAmaline, a subsidiary of Groupama, operating under the brand Amaguiz, would now no longer in losses and its contribution to the performance of the group would even have reached the balance for the year 2017. This resulted, inter alia, the reduction of costs and the new model adopted.

Insurance is connected for the Renault ZOE

In recent years, Amaguiz, which serves as a «vehicle innovation Groupama » as pointed out rightly The Argus of insurance, has multiplied the efforts.

For example, in 2015, a partnership was signed with the car manufacturer Renault and Dacia Insurance white label in order to propose a formula for the car insurance that is connected to the Renault ZOE, electric car model acclaimed by the general public.

More recently, in April 2017, Amaguiz has launched a new form of legal protection insurance.

Finally, we note the multiplication of partnerships concluded with a dozen start-ups.

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