Allianz decodes the new technologies by partnering with Micode

Allianz wants to decrypt the issues of new technologies and attract more young people

The insurance company Allianz France has just joined with the young youtubeur Micode. If it is a first for an insurer, the primary objective of Allianz is to help internet users decode the issues of new technologies.

The first partnership between a youtubeur and insurance

Allianz France digitalizes and expands on the networks. The insurance company announced on February 13, 2018 will be associated with the youtubeur Micode. «We are the first insurer to have such a partnership with a youtubeur «, indicates Nathalie Lahmi, director of brand and communication at Allianz France. With a series of videos called Code Trotter, Allianz wants to help internet users decode the challenges of the new technologies, but also in cyber security. Teamed up with a young youtubeur allows the insurance company to take advantage of the mode of this type of networks to reach the greatest number, and especially the younger people. «We have been seduced by the content on the computer and the product development by Micode and his way of simplifying messages «, explains Nathalie Lahmi.


Allianz France is launching a new program with @Micode 🏃🏽♂️for a series of 8 videos posted directly on the string #Micode 👍🏽 For more information ▶️ #Digital #Tech

— Allianz France (@allianzfrance) February 14, 2018


The first video to evoke the bitcoin and the cryptomonnaie

This series was proposed by Allianz and Micode will be comprised of 8 episodes which, if they will be varied, will be on the theme of new technologies. To treat of the various topics, the young youtubeur will go to the meeting of experts, start-ups and partners of Allianz. «The Accelerator Allianz in Nice at the ces in Las Vegas, Micode illustrates his subjects of exciting encounters with those who are the innovation » details the insurance company.

In the first episode, entitled » You bet of Bitcoin «, Micode focuses on the bitcoin but also refers to other cryptomonnaies. To enrich this video, the youtubeur exchange with people like Eric Archbishop, CEO of Ledger, a start-up accelerated by Allianz in 2017, or Sylvain Theveniaud, Director of the Accelerator Allianz.



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