Allianz : don’t lose your keys with Securkeys

The service of custody of key Securkeys to the insured, Allianz

In 2016, 65 % of French people have admitted to having misplaced their keys, according to the study » The giddiness of the French and its consequences.» To avoid its customers such a disappointment, Allianz France, their now offers the service of guarding key Securkeys that avoids stress and unnecessary expenses. Spotlight.

Insurance is not always enough

Allianz France is still innovating ! The insurer has actually thought of its customers, the more stunned and now offers Securkeys, service guard key, which will eliminate the need for interested parties to experience stress and spend too much money during these circumstances, always unpleasant.

This can happen to everyone : one moment of inattention is enough to lose his keys, to be stolen or that the door of your home closes behind you with the keys inside… And it is even worse if this happens in the evening, the weekend or a holiday.

You you say that insurance can cover such a situation ? Yes, but you will usually have to pay a share of the cost far from negligible….

10€ per annum to the insured, Allianz

A new entry on the market of guarding the key, the start-up Securkeys has entered into an exclusive partnership for a period of 3 months with Allianz France. In other words, the customers of the insurer can benefit from this service in advance, and at a preferential rate.

If there are already offers service in the field of concierge key, Securkeys goes further than its competitors by offering an anonymous service and the delivery of the keys at any time thanks to the hundred storage centres approved by the ministry of the Interior, as well as a network of agents licensed security National Council of Private Security (NSPF).

Also note that the start-up has subscribed a civil liability insurance contract with Allianz, which allows customers to entrust their keys with confidence.

In addition, the storage of keys is done without mention of the address or the identity of the owners and they can be retrieved at any time with a delivery in one, two or three hours depending on the postcode. In all cases, the interested can follow in real time the path of the key thanks to geolocation.

Finally, on the rate side, the clients Allianz are benefiting from a better price set at 10 euros for a year and includes a free delivery of the keys by year.

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