Allianz enriches the customer experience with services non-insurance

Allianz enters into new partnerships for services non-insurance

Allianz France has decided to open its networks of specialist partners to its customers by launching «services» Allianz » Carte Grise «, «Allianz Badge Auto » and «Allianz Control Technique » to get just a grey card, to save time when travelling and access to a technical inspection at a reduced rate. Explanations.

Allianz Gray Card for steps taken in relation to the gray card

Available from general agents volunteers, these new services non-insurance offered by the Allianz group must allow them toenrich the experience of customers by agency in responding to their needs and expectations daily.

Thus, with Allianz Gray Card, customers Allianz may benefit from a simplification of their procedures and a preferential tariff. Concretely, from the end of 2017, the grey card is not given to the counters for «physical» of the prefectures and the steps must be carried out entirely online, which requires you to have the right equipment (internet connection, computer, etc.).

Has the favour of a partnership with Cartaplac, business approved by the Ministry of the Interior and the Treasury, the clients of the insurer Allianz can fulfill the procedures for obtaining the grey card directly in the agency, regardless of the type of card, grey, type of vehicles to be registered and the department concerned. In ten minutes only, the customer Allianz gets a grey card provisional to ride safely, waiting to receive at his home and in 4 days its grey card final.

Allianz Badge Auto to get around and park less

For the service Allianz Badge Self, the group insurance has entered into a partnership with Vinci Autoroutes allowing its customers to save time as they move up through the badge télépéage Vinci Autoroutes.

Valid on the whole of the motorway network, national, this device allows for a smoother transition to tolls on hov lanes and do not require a stop to the payment of his / her journey.

This badge is also accepted in almost 400 car parks in the urban area, in train stations and airports without the need to pay the amount of the parking lot.

In concrete terms, to take advantage of this offer, the customer Allianz has only to seek its agent-general, who will give a promotional code » Badge Auto «. Also, just a few minutes in agency or in-line on to order a badge that will be sent without charge and within 3 days at the customer’s home Allianz.

Finally, note that it is possible in a condition preferential access to 9 months of free subscription.

Allianz Technical Control to a control technique at a reduced rate

With Allianz Technical Control, the insurer allows its customers to benefit from a reduction for the technical control of their motor vehicle if they make a call to his partner Dekra, the technical control of auto in Europe.

Moreover, the client Allianz would be interested in this new service of non-insurance will have no trouble finding a centre Dekra. In fact, the brand has a rich network with more than 1,500 locations scattered across the Hexagon and are grouped under the names of » Dekra «, «Norisko Auto» and » Autocontrol «.

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