Allianz France and Health Mobility Services partners

Allianz has signed a new partnership with Health Mobility Services

The Allianz group has just signed a partnership with Health Mobility Services (SMS), a company specializing in the transportation of patients. Has the favour of this new agreement, the insurer wishes to make a response to the need for auto insurance is expressed by the carriers independent health. Explanations.

An auto insurance for the network Carius

Allianz France has announced the signing of a partnership agreement with SMS, a company specialized in organization and optimization of the mobility of medical patients.

With this new agreement, the companies partners of Carius, network developed by SMS and composed of carriers independent health (medical vehicles light (VSL), ambulances,…), will be able to take advantage of a formula car insurance for fleets.

The patient mobility reinvented

In investing the sector of medical transportation, Allianz wants to offer support to new modes of mobility.

Director of digital, brand and communication at Allianz France, Delphine Asseraf welcomes the implementation of the group’s expertise in the field of insurance for the benefit of the «companies of the network Carius Health Mobility Services» which, according to the woman, » reinvents the mobility of the patients.»

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