Allianz France and Mag3 reveal «Agency 2020»

Allianz wants to reinvent the customer experience within its agencies

The union officers general of the French subsidiary of Allianz and the insurance company come to present » Agency 2020 «. This project has the objective to strengthen the strategic orientation of the two parties.

For an agency of «closeness increased»

Allianz France and Mag3 are of » Agency 2020 «, a project focused on their common vision of the insurance. For Mag3, the union of the agents-general, and the French subsidiary of the insurer from munich, it is strengthen the direction that must be taken by the agencies. «Agency 2020» presents 4 main axis :

  • An agency multi-specialist : to strengthen the training of their officers to improve the quality of board of the agency ;
  • An agency multi-access : optimise the location of the agencies so that they are in phase with their clients and the territories in which they are located ;
  • A agency connected customer : better customer orientation with an approach to a digital one, and an agency organized around the client ;
  • An agency multi-service : enhancing the value of the agent-general through regular contact with clients.

Allianz has already launched its transformation

«This new guidance note illustrates perfectly our commitment to accelerating the transformation of the network together with General Agents. Our common belief for the future development of the network is that it is necessary to reinvent the customer experience in an agency, » says Franck Le Vallois, a member of the executive committee of Allianz France in charge of the Distribution and sponsor of the activity MidCorp.

This draft guidance has in fact already been initiated by Allianz. Via Mag3, the insurance had started to realize «Agency 2020» with :

  • The development of formats of sales of innovative (Allianz Cube) ;
  • The launch of a bouquet of services non-insurance ;
  • The signing of an agreement with its network of agents on the launch of new sites as well as on the multi-access.

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