Allianz France digitizes the insurance borrower

Allianz helps to change insurance loan real estate with its simulator

Since January 1, 2018, any borrower may terminate each year from its credit insurance. According to Allianz France, this allows to realize an average savings of 5,500 euros, which, in 15% of cases, can exceed 10 000 euros with the contract «Allianz Insurance Borrower» in relation to the proposed offer by the bank. Explanations.

Allianz fact of the pedagogy in the video

Beyond this promise of savings, Allianz France has put in place an online simulator allowing the borrower to benefit in less than 2 minutes an estimate of the economy that it is likely to make opting for the insurance package borrower proposed by the insurer.

In a statement, Allianz reveals that 95 % of its clients know that they can freely choose their contract credit and nearly 70 % that they have the ability to change the contract. In contrast, 40 % do not know or do not know precisely the conditions to change insurance real estate loan. This is why Allianz France has recently released an explanatory video on the social networks.


95% of the policyholders of Allianz France know that they can freely choose their #insurance #borrower, and nearly 70% are told that they may now change. But do you know how to do it ? #ConfPresse

— Allianz France (@allianzfrance) February 6, 2018


A system for accepting online medical

Thanks to the online simulator proposed by Allianz, in less than 2 minutes are enough to get an estimate of the economy than it is possible to realize on the assurance of his mortgage.

Through a path in 6 clicks, this simulator takes into account the information provided by the user such as his age, the duration and the rate of its loans, the amount remaining to repay, or the department of residence of the person concerned.

Once the user has found out the amount of the average saving that it is likely to make, he can receive a quote through the course of subscription 100 % on-lineAllianz Insurance Borrower to obtain a commercial proposal at the time to be firm and final.

It should finally be noted that the device of acceptance to medical cloud is based on a questionnaire for a dynamic tariff. In practice, in 80% of the cases, medical acceptance is immediate.

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