Allianz France has positioned itself in favour of professional equality

Allianz France signs the » women’s empowerment Principles «

March 8, 2018 was held on the international Day of the rights of women. It is precisely at this date that the Allianz group France has signed the charter,» Women’s Empowerment Principles » (WEP). Designed by the united Nations, this text aims to promote equality between women and men within the company. Spotlight.

Promote professional equality between women and men

By becoming a signatory of the charter, «Women’s Empowerment Principles» (» Principles for the empowerment of women » in the language of Molière), the insurance group is committed to the promotion of professional equality between women and men.

In a press release, Jacques Richier, ceo of Allianz France, believes that the» professional equality «is a» priority » for the insurer, and recalls that, in the past decade, many actions have been carried out against discrimination of all sorts and in favor of diversity.

Finally, Allianz France hopes that at the end of 2020, we find 45 % of women among the managers of the company.

These principles, which apply to Allianz France

In this document the un, and found the 7 following principles :

  • Put in place a governance favourable to gender equality at the highest level of the company,
  • Treat fairly women and men within the company without discrimination and with respect for human rights,
  • Ensure safety, well-being and health for workers of both sexes,
  • Promote education, training and professional development of women,
  • Implement measures for empowerment of women in the service of the development of enterprises,
  • Promote equality in the workplace through initiatives made by the employees of the company,
  • Measure and inform on the progress made in favour of professional equality between women and men.
  • Before 8 march 2018, and the signing of the charter WEP, Allianz France was already shown by signing the Parenthood Charter in the company in February 2012 and more recently the agreement on equal professional that salary.

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