Allianz France unveils positive results for 2017

A turnover of 12,88 billion euros to Allianz France in 2017

Despite a difficult context marked by the upsurge of natural disasters of a magnitude such as hurricane Irma and Maria, Allianz France has unveiled a positive balance for the year 2017. More precisely, the French subsidiary of the German insurer, has unveiled a rise in turnover. Presentation.

Maria and Irma : 11 000 claims

On January 19, 2018, Jacques Richier, ceo of Allianz France, met with the press. It was particularly the opportunity to discuss the results of the French subsidiary has achieved in 2017 operating profit growth of 2.8 % to 1.11 billion euros.

This performance is quite remarkable in a year marked by a low interest rate environment and for recurrent natural disasters such as hurricanes Irma and Maria was driven by good results in home and auto insurance. Also, in property-CASUALTY insurance, the group’s operating income increased 5.2 % to € 446 million. The increase in health insurance and life (editor’s note : +1.2% to 664 million euros).

About hurricane Maria and Irma, Allianz is said to have received 11 000 claims and, on march 1, 2018, are more than 8,700 cases that have been educated and 310 million euros paid. In spite of everything, the insurer saw its combined ratio property-CASUALTY move on from 2016 through reinsurance, according to Clarisse Kopff, new chief financial officer at Allianz France

A revenue of up to 12,88 billion euros

Side sales (CA), Allianz France has announced an increase of 4.6 % 12,88 billion euros , which is explained by positive outcomes in retirement, savings, welfare and health, after Clarisse Kopff. Specifically with regard to life insurance, it specifies that «the strategy of Allianz France» has paid off with a » reorientation of new business to media in units of account «.

In addition, the strategic plan 2020 Allianz France referred to as the « Innovation and trust » has been mentioned. Thus, it was learned that the insurer had decided to restructure its organisation around a 6 «ecosystems» where will evolve the multi-disciplinary teams of a hundred employees. Two «ecosystems» that already exist, namely «My mobility» and » My health «, waiting for » My daily life «, » My building «, «My company» and » My future «.

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