Allianz makes it easier to access assistance for the deaf and hard of hearing

Deaf and hard-of-hearing better accompanied with Allianz Partners

A subsidiary of the Allianz group, Allianz Partners is illustrated by a welcome initiative : in fact, the company now facilitates the accessibility of its services to the deaf and hard-of-hearing. It is the first insurer in france to offer such a service. Spotlight.

A communication difficult or even impossible

There are in France approximately 6 million hearing-impaired, or 10% of the population, and, when we find ourselves in such a situation, it may be difficult or impossible to get in contact with the service by telephone.

Aware of these difficulties, Allianz Partners now offers with the help of firms RogerVoice and Elioz a web-based solution for a separate communication of the deaf and hard of hearing with its services for assistance.

More concretely, this solution is accompanied by a transcription of the call as well as the translation in the French language signs of the dialogue through an interpreter. This module will soon be accessible on all media of Mondial Assistance, Allianz Assistance and its partners.

The visio-conference for deaf clients

Thanks to the solution of speech recognition developed by RogerVoice, the remarks of the consultant are written on the screen of the smartphone of the customer, automatically and in real-time. For its part, the customer can choose an answer either orally or in writing thanks to the voice synthesis. In other words, clients who are deaf and hard-of-hearing can contact the support using their phone and share with more ease. Also note that the service RogerVoice is accessible 24h/24 and 7d/7.

For our clients that can only communicate through the language of signs, Allianz Partners has called Elioz and its type of solution to video-conference with the intervention of a trained interpreter in French sign language. In practice, the person suffering from deafness, is located in visio-conference with the interpreter Elioz and the latter is in a voice call with a consultant. This service is available Monday to Friday between 8: 30 and 17: 30 (excluding public holidays).

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