Allianz Safe Home : the connected home in order to better manage the unexpected

Allianz France has unveiled its new service for the connected home

In france, every year there were 11 million accidents of life with consequences sometimes dramatic. There are thus 250 000 house fires, 10 000 people injured and 800 deaths per year. To address this, Allianz France now offers » Allianz Safe Home «. Presentation.

A discount on the home insurance Allianz

To tackle the various risks associated with the home, the insurer Allianz offers a new product called «Allianz» Safe Home » that can provide a little support fire automated and available at any time (24h/24 and 7 days/7).

For eur 4.50 per month, the customer is alerted in the event of smoke, fire or carbon monoxide (CO). The assistance is in charge of soliciting the immediate response of emergency if the customer is not reachable or if he is having difficulties to manage the alert.

In addition, the Allianz Safe Home » allows the client subscriber to enjoy a reduction of up to 15 % under its home insurance policy taken out with Allianz France.



New connected objects added regularly

With «Allianz» Safe Home «, it is possible to connect and control remotely and via its mobile phone different types of objects that are connected and installed in the home such as cameras, the thermostat connected, the bulbs are connected, or the detectors autonomous smoke alarms (DAAF).

For its operation, «Allianz» Safe Home » is based on a platform technology developed with the help of Muzzley, a start-up that aims to connect the largest possible number of objects via a single application. Thus, the customer is free to decide which objects must be connected between them.

In addition, thanks to its evolutionary character, «Allianz Safe Home» will be able to incorporate gradually new support services for increased protection of the home. One can evoke, for example, the’assistance water leakage. The insurer Allianz announced that the application will regularly of new connected devices designed by different manufacturers.

Finally, if you are interested in this new service, visit to subscribe online and activate it with the dedicated application, downloadable on the platforms usual iOs and Android.

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