Apivia joins Charlie Dalin, and engages in racing

Charlie Dalin sailed on a monohull 60 foot hydrofoil

Apivia Mutual, mutual health division — welfare of the Macif group, has announced that it is committed to racing on the IMOCA championship. Concretely, Apivia forged a partnership of 4 years, with the skipper Charlie Dalin.

Apivia wants to increase its reputation

After the Macif and the renewal of its engagement with the skipper François Gabart, Apivia has just announced its partnership with Charlie Dalin. The mutual health division — welfare of the Macif group, has published a press release to inform its engagement in the offshore race on the IMOCA championship. From 2019, and for 4 years, this commitment will be realised through a partnership with Charlie Dalin. «We are pleased and proud to make our entry into the offshore racing alongside a talented yachtsman in whom we have confidence. This daring project, should carry high the colours of Apivia Mutual, to echo our values and to mobilise all of our staff, our delegates and our members «.

As Macif, Apivia wishes to increase and strengthen the visibility and the legitimacy of its brand. For the mutual, engage in the world of sailing and racing allows him to share his » research performance «, as well as its ability to adapt in a complex environment «.

Charlie Dalin, one of the young talents of the solo offshore racing

The program in which enrolled Apivia will run from 2019 to 2022. The culmination of this partnership with Charlie Dalin will be of course the Vendee Globe in 2020. The skipper will start in the Sables d’olonne on a monocoque of 60 feet with foils. For this browser a native of le Havre, it is a relief. «Not a single day passes without I think about the Vendée Globe. Today, at all levels, I am ready : ready to launch myself into the adventure, with as objective the best sports performance possible. I love the confrontation with the elements, with the competitors, I do not fear loneliness, it attracts me to the contrary. I am firmly convinced to be fact for this race. It is with great pride that I will wear the colors of Apivia on this circuit, » said the sailor of 33 years.

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