APRIL forged a partnership with Sterling Pharma to help pharmacists

APRIL’s Business Solutions develop the click & collect for pharmacists

APRIL Business Solutions, a subsidiary of the APRIL group, has just announced it will be associated with Sterling Pharma to promote click & collect in the pharmacy industry. Via the application Health Council, April wants to facilitate the work of pharmacists.

An application to facilitate the work of pharmacists

Win time to win : that sums up the idea of the application Board Health. By forging a partnership with Sterling Pharma, APRIL Business Solutions intends to develop the click & collect in the pharmacy industry. By making available to pharmacists applying Health Council, the subsidiary of the APRIL group allows them to make their work easier, while saving time :

  • Receipt of orders online ;
  • Preparation of orders for customers to have more than to recover it ;
  • Promotional offers ;
  • Of health tips on a smartphone.

APRIL partner of 10 % of pharmacists

In developing the click & collect for pharmacies, APRIL also has to affirm its links with this sector. «We are working closely with more than 2 000 pharmacists. […] We looked for a partner that complements our offering insurance with an offer of high value-added services, and have chosen Sterling Pharma and their digital solution Health Council because we share the same ambition : to make life easier for our customers, » says Emmanuelle Criado, executive Director of APRIL’s Enterprise Solutions.

To launch this offer digital, APRIL Business Solutions offers pharmacists acceding to their offer of insurance by property and casualty and professional liability, to benefit from 6 months free. Customers of Sterling Pharma will have a 10% discount on their insurance, and property and casualty.

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