APRIL Motorcycle unveils application BIKE COACH

Join the community of the mobile application BIKE COACH !

Developed with the assistance of Allianz, themobile application MOTORCYCLE COACH proposed by APRIL Moto, broker, wholesaler and a subsidiary of the APRIL group, is the 1 driving coach. More specifically, the drivers of two-wheelers can improve their driving using a real-time analysis of routes and behaviors. Presentation.

Improve the management of its two-wheelers

Downloadable on theApp Store and the Google Play Store, the mobile app, BIKE COACH allows you to save and analyze your behavior when you travel by two-wheels, and, thanks to your smartphone.

By allowing you to analyze andimprove your steering with the help of reliable indicators lined tailored advice, BIKE COACH offers safety, security and prevention. For the APRIL Bike, it is the opportunity to study the behavior of groups of bikers target customers for the coming implementation of projects related to prevention and safety.



Become a member of a community

Is intended for all users of motorcycles and scooters, eager to share their experiences but also learn from their conduct and that of others, the app BIKE COACH is very simple to use.

Thus, to your registration, simply download the application, fill in an email address or a contract number APRIL Motorcycle and select the brand of your two-wheeled motorized.

Thanks to its patented algorithm, the mobile app APRIL Motorcycle awards at the end of every trip a personalized note as well asa prevention council to the person concerned to have a daily tracking of his progress and improve his conduct.

Finally, BIKE COACH is based on the » crowdcoaching » that allows the user to enjoy the experience of the community as a whole. Eventually, each member of this community will be able to contribute to a common learning, and ensure that the experience of each is useful to all. For example, if the algorithm detects a risk area recurring, the community could be notified by sending a push.

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