APRIL unveils its insurance competitions e-sports

The APRIL group ensures that the e-sports

With the legislation for a Republic digital, a stricter regulatory framework has seen the light of day regarding the players e-sport French who take part in competitions in France and abroad. Now regarded as professionals, they are required to obtain insurance. Fortunately, the APRIL group offers a contract that suits. Spotlight.

850 000 amateur players and professionals

Under the law n° 2016-1321’s 7 October 2016 for a Republic digital, also known as the » law Lemaire «, the e-French athletes participating in competitions in France and abroad are also legally became professionals, and as such are required to purchase insurance.

A subsidiary of the APRIL group, APRIL International Voyage is the first French actor of the insurance to offer an insurance package specially designed for 850 000 amateur players and professional French and perfectly adapted to their specific needs.

According to APRIL, by the end of the year, the market for e-sport is expected to represent nearly 23 million euros in France and we are witnessing a professionalization fast. However, the participation in a competitive e-sport has very real risks :

  • The transport of material of great value,
  • Risks related to the health,
  • Financial risk (for example, the advance registration fee).

To facilitate the professionalization of e-sports in france, APRIL International Voyage has been preparing for several months a contract of insurance with the assistance of professionals and amateurs.

Competition cancelled, equipment stolen,…

Specifically, this insurance competitions, e-sports, as proposed by APRIL International Voyage is to play in the following circumstances :

  • The cancellation of competitions, e-sports,
  • The flight of the «mobile devices» (laptop, external hard disk, gamepad,…),
  • The mental coaching,
  • Legal assistance,
  • Repatriation assistance for national and international competitions,
  • The payment of medical expenses.

In addition, insurance e-sport covers 3 levels of warranty depending on the characteristics of the profile of the amateur player or professional, and in competitions, e-sports, both in France and abroad.

Finally, given the young age of the professionals concerned — in France, half of the players under 25 years old — APRIL International Travel adapts its customer relationship to match the expectations of this target, digital-native with a subscription 100 % online.

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