Aviva announces its partnership with the athlete Jean-Baptiste Alaize

Aviva France and the athlete with a disability Jean-Baptiste Alaize partners

Major player in insurance, Aviva France has announced via press release a new partnership with Jean-Baptiste Alaize, athlete handisport French quad champion and world record holder in the long jump in the category of under 23 years of age. This partnership is expected to support the athlete in anticipation of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. Presentation.

A financial support and a program of professional insertion

In echo to its values of the insurance group refers to » growth «, » conquest «, «self-transcendence » and » humility » — Aviva France has recently entered into a partnership with the champion handisport French, Jean-Baptiste Alaize.

Director of Brand at Aviva France, Hélène Sada-Sulim considers that the route of this athlete is a source of inspiration for all its employees. This partnership is also an opportunity to » strengthen the visibility of the brand Aviva «.

Has the favor of this new collaboration, which will run until 2020, Jean-Baptiste Alaize will be able to receive financial support doubled of a programme of vocational integration. Thus, it will be able to focus on the preparation of the forthcoming sports, including the Olympic Games in Tokyo.



Prepare for the European Athletics Championships from Berlin

Jean-Baptiste Alaize considers that this new partnership and the support of the team of Aviva France help to make the full of confidence. He adds that this will allow him to calmly deal with the » next major deadlines sports «, starting with the European Athletics Championships that will take place in Berlin from 20 to 26 August 2018.

Specialist in the long jump and the sprint, Jean-Baptiste Alaize has survived the civil war that broke out in Burundi in the early 90s. Adopted in France at the age of 7 years, he became a quadruple world champion and world record holder for the length of less than 23 years between 2007 and 2010. In 2012, Jean-Baptiste Alaize has reached the final of the Olympic Games in london. In 2016, he finished at 5th place in the Paralympic Games in Rio and the following year he won the bronze medal at the iaaf World Championships in Disabled sports in London with a leap to 6.82 meters. This year, Jean-Baptiste Alaize won the Grand Prix International de Paris and was crowned champion of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur (PACA) after jumping 6,91 meters, record of France and 3rd best performance in the world.

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