AVIVA offers 10 weeks of parental leave

AVIVA offers a parental leave that is unique in the world

Since the 19 November last year, the group AVIVA offers a leave of parenthood single to 10 weeks for the benefit of the parent spouse. With this measure, the insurer wants to strengthen its commitment to diversity and equality in the workplace. Spotlight.

A better life balance pro

In an official statement, Patrick Dixneuf, director general of Aviva France, does not hide his enthusiasm : «I am particularly proud to be able to announce the signing of this agreement of parenting, a first in France, which marks a major step forward for equality in the workplace. «.

According to the applicant, this measure should enable to foster a balance between professional and private life conducive to the flourishing of the individual, but it must also contribute «to attract new talent and to get the best out of the diversity of talents» within the company.

Put an end to the «barriers unconscious»

Concretely, this leave parenting unprecedented introduced by AVIVA benefits for parents, partners, employees of the life insurer in France that can take advantage of a leave of 10 weeks from the birth of the child.

During this leave, the beneficiary has the same rights in a situation of actual work (pay, leave, reduction of working time (RTT), social protection, age), which makes it a world first for a duration as long.

Chief People Officer at AVIVA France, Anne-Sophie Curet states that the establishment of this leave parenting to respond to the desire of the insurer to «promote equality» by putting an end to these «barriers unconscious» that may appear when a hiring or a promotion and that may discriminate against women likely to take maternity leave.

Finally, note that the leave for parenthood put in place by AVIVA France benefits to all employees, and employees of the insurer in the case of the birth or adoption of a child, and this, regardless of their gender and their sexual orientation.


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