Aviva simplifies the task of professionals with a new tool

An online tool to better inform the professionals

The issue of insurance can be a headache for some professionals. Aviva responds with a new tool meant to facilitate the course of insurance underwriting. Thanks to some questions the insurer advance the solutions to the needs of the insured.

Aviva wants to save time for the professionals

Professionals and private individuals do not have the same needs in terms of insurance. In this context, Aviva wants to evolve its offering of online services for professionals. For this, one of the levers is its new online diagnostic tool. It saves time to the public, while the orienting of the best ways to offer insurance for each.

To best help professionals in their search for insurance, Aviva offers a site consisting of 7 questions to find the needs of the user and forward them to the suitable offer. The insurer argues that 2 minutes is sufficient to meet them.

«Our ambition in developing this tool was to optimize the course digital of our customers and focusing on their needs. With this diagnostic tool, we can show that we know well the different problems that they may face. «Bruno de Seguins, director of Distribution and Market Pros at Aviva

The user experience is not neglected

To optimize the user experience, Aviva has not forgotten to develop this platform in responsive design. That is to say that his diagnostic tool is also well-accessible and readable on a computer as on a tablet or smartphone.

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