AVIVA strengthens Ireland

AVIVA offering Friends First in Ireland against 130 million euros

AVIVA has announced the strengthening of its position in Ireland. In effect, the insurance group present in over a dozen countries comes from the buyback of Friends First at 130 million euros. Spotlight.

15 % of the market share in Ireland

The group AVIVA is poised to become a major player in insurance in Ireland.

In effect, the insurer has bought Friends First, his irish counterpart, compared with 130 million euros and, when the transaction will be finalized — this should be the case by march 31, 2018 — AVIVA will represent 15 % of the market share in both life and damages in Ireland.

Finally, it is important to know that Friends First is currently active in life insurance and investment products and retirement, holds more than 250,000 customers and an estimated market share of 6 %.

Key markets for AVIVA preferred

Quoted by The Argus of insurance, analysts firm JP Morgan Casenove consider that this transaction illustrates the way in which AVIVA is seeking to consolidate its activities «extending in markets key» where the insurer already has a » solid implementation «.

For memory, the group AVIVA has already left many countries to focus more on these markets that he sees as decisive as Canada and the United Kingdom.

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