AVIVA unveils its inquiry into financial products ethical

Less than 25 years old familiar with financial products, ethical

Echoing the «One Planet Summit » took place on the 12 December 2017 at the Elysée, the group AVIVA unveiled the results of its survey dedicated to financial products respectful of the criteria of environmental, social and ethical. It appears in particular that the French misunderstand widely these financial investments are ethical.


The French attached to ethical investments

In the Face of the increasingly urgent environmental issues, financial investments take now into account aspects of environmental, social and ethical orientation of their investments.

However, only 9 % of French people know precisely what these investments. And, at the same time, they are 62 % of them feel that it is important that their savings be invested in ethical investments.

The survey from AVIVA also revealed that young people are particularly sensitive to this topic. Thus, 40 % of those under 25 say they know these investments and even if they are » small investors «.


AVIVA France supports the label ISR

A closer look, only 50% of savers French think that the financial investments are ethical are also cost-effective than the other. However, these investments are distinguished both by their financial performance and the tax benefits which they can give the right. In other words, insurers and banking institutions need to be more of pedagogy to inform investors about the profitability of these investments.

In addition, 85 % of French people consider that they did not have enough information to navigate among the different savings products offered. In this context marked by a certain confusion, they are 71 % to wish a generalization of the independent labels, which would indicate whether a financial product meets actual criteria of environmental, social and ethical. It should be noted here that the insurer AVIVA has agreed to lend its support to the label for Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) set up by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.


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