AXA and Oscar Health enter into a partnership

AXA enters into a partenarat with the american Oscar Health

Insurer digital american specializing in health insurance, Oscar Health has just concluded a new partnership with the AXA group. This multi-year agreement of reinsurance is to enable the «shoot» u.s. to speed up its development. Spotlight.

A reinsurance agreement multi-year

The daily economic and financial education Les Echos has recently revealed that the insurer AXA has reinforced its presence overseas. To do this, its division of International Employee Benefits (IEB) has entered into a reinsurance agreement multi-year with the health insurer american Oscar Health.

This partnership will allow Oscar, actor 100 % digital health mutuals, to accelerate its development. Director of strategy and policy at the nugget of the assurtech, Joel Klein reports that Oscar still wants to take advantage of new technologies to provide «best care at lower cost» and the global reach of the French insurer, as well as its expertise in the reinsurance shall help him.

Place the customer at the centre of health care

At AXA France, this agreement is also welcomed. Thus, Matthew Rouot, activities director of social protection at the international, believes that with this new partnership, the insurer operates a transformation : his «model of paying claims» change in order to become a » partner for its customers «.

And, the person in question to add that Oscar’s Health and AXA share the «same vision of the role of insurers, «but also the» future of health » before concluding that the French group is eager to work with his american counterpart to put the customer at the heart of health care.

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