AXA makes it easy approach to business and duty of council with the app Discovery

The AXA group made the choice of the gamification with the mobile app Discovery

AXA France anticipates the entry into force of the Directive on the Distribution in Insurance (DDA) which comes into effect in the fall of 2018, and that reinforces the advice to the client in its » best interests «. In effect, the insurer has developed Discovery, a mobile application specific for its networks, as well as to its customers. Presentation.

Five worlds to unlock with the app Discovery

Designed with Apple and IBM, the app Discovery enables advisers to the distribution network AXA Epargne et Protection to facilitate the commercial process and the discovery of the client, who becomes an actor of the process.

Through Discovery, the counselor can gather information on social and heritage in a manner more playful than with a questionnaire regulatory.

With its user-friendly interface and smooth navigation, the mobile app offers the customer the option of becoming an actor when he informs himself of the required information on the iPad Pro’s adviser.

Discovery is » gamifié «, that is to say that the application uses the mechanical normal of the video game : the client must have unlocked the «worlds» to be able to access a custom solution and its progress in the collection of the information is indicated by a gauge color. For example, the 1st world is «Your home» where is mentioned the family situation of the client.

Once the different worlds that you have unlocked, it is possible to access the 6th and last world » solutions , «which summarizes the priority needs of the client, their available budget at the end of the month, as well as a custom solution in retirement, savings and social protection. It is at this time that the advisor can move to the step of the subscription digital the different insurance solutions.

Comply with the regulations on the duty of council

Built around transparency and understanding for the client, the application Discovery provides the visibility that is very accurate of the various steps discussed during the interview.

Further, it allows you to obtain all regulatory data (scan of the identity document of the client, number of persons living in the same household, the constituent elements of its heritage,…). In this way, the counselor is able to propose solutions to social and patrimonial right which correspond to its situation both professional and personal family.

Thanks to this new mobile application, the advisor provides advice tailored to the personal situation of the client, its project and its needs. In other words, it responds certainly to the requirements of the rules relating to the duty of board.

Finally, note that the various data of the customer are protected through an encryption device of the high-level figure in theiPad Pro and that it is possible to activate at any time.

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