Axa still elected insurance brand the most important

The insurer Axa still first

The image of a brand can be very important for some insured. If the choice of your insurance goes to the insurer the most well-known, you’ll be pleased to learn thatit is Axa Interbrand. Nothing new here however, as the French insurer retains once again its position.

Axa in the ranking Interbrand 2017

The weight of a brand can reassure customers. According to this characteristic and in the field of insurance, it is Axa, which draws its pin from the play.

According to the ranking of Interbrand of the largest brands in the world, in the insurance sector is Axa the first. Yet should we say, as the French insurer is victorious for the ninth year in a row ! It is even 3rd in the rankings of financial services. Axa prides itself also to have some 107 million customers in the world.

For all areas, an increase is also reported to Axa. The brand is gaining four seats to reach the 42nd position for a value of $ 11 billion.

What are the brand champions ?

Which brands topped the ranking, combining all sectors ? Be aware that the Top 3 is not surprising, and makes beautiful use of the computer and new technologies. Thus, we also find Apple with $ 184 billion and Google with 142 billion and Microsoft at $ 80 billion.

Side car, it is Toyota who arrives first (7th place overall) with 50,30 billions of dollars and then Mercedes and BMW.

Axa also an opinion leader

In parallel to Interbrand, Ultramedia with Digimind have also elected to Axa as the primary thought leader in the insurance industry. This barometer place Axa in front of Allianz and MMA.

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