Car Assistance : Allianz Partners and Waze enter into a european partnership

Waze and Allianz offer assistance auto Europe-wide

A subsidiary of the Allianz group as it brings together its activities of assistance, and auto insurance, Allianz Partners recently announced the conclusion of a new partnership. Concluded with the application of the navigation community with real-time Waze, this agreement must give rise to the launch of an offer of assistance automobile to millions of Wazers in europe. Presentation.

An SOS button to be fixed

Leader of B2B2C insurance solutions and assistance, Allianz Partners has entered into a new partnership with the company Waze to whom we owe the application of the same name by navigation community in real time.

The objective of this partnership : the launch of a new range of motor assistance with a few 22 million users of this app (» Wazers «) were identified through the Old continent.

All it takes is a simple press of the SOS button of the app Waze for motorists to access the service of auto repair offered by Allianz Partners and obtain assistance (help desk or digital platform).

Finally, note that this assistance is accessible everywhere and at any time in the event of a breakdown, flat tire or dead battery.

A partnership on a european scale

This new partnership between Allianz Partners and Waze echo a previous agreement in force since 2015 and are made with Allianz France. It is the actions of prevention of road innovative to the image of the campaign #LaRoutine that leverages geo-location data to the application Waze to provide drivers with messages of prevention contextualised and educate them as well on their trips more frequent.

By entering into this new partnership, Allianz goes even further to support daily the drivers for increased safety on the roads. Allianz Partners and Waze want to offer a concert of reliable solutions and added value to drivers that need help.

Expected in France in a few days, this automobile assistance will be simultaneously proposed, in Belgium, Greece, Italy, the netherlands, the United Kingdom, Russia and Turkey, and, by the end of 2018, Germany, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and finally in Ukraine.

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