Collective health : APRIL is the acquisition of Benecaid in Canada

APRIL acquires 93 % of the shares of the health insurer Benecaid

Wishing to expand in Canada, the APRIL group has made the acquisition of Benecaid, an entity specialized in the insurance collective health of very small businesses (TPE) on the other side of the Atlantic. This operation must enable the broker-dealer wholesaler of insurance to strengthen its presence in the country. Explanations.

The complementarity Benecaid-APRIL Canada

It’s been more than a decade, the APRIL group is present in Canada on the market of the insurance. It continues today as the» internationalisation of its know-how in acquiring the company Benecaid, manager, distributor and specialist in collective health of TPE.

Located in Toronto for nearly 20 years, Benecaid covers more than 20 000 insured persons in health for the amount of premiums estimated to be 60 million euros. Has the favor of this new operation, APRIL is set on a dynamic and competitive market characterized by an annual growth of 7 % and 17 billion euros in premiums in 2017.

The broker explains to have chosen Benecaid because of the «complementarity» that exists with APRIL Canada in terms of models, occupations and geographic locations. In addition, it enables him to continue his development as well as its diversification in the country.

93 % of the shares of Benecaid acquired by APRIL

Beyond this complementarity, observed at different levels, APRIL and Benecaid have two other things in common : their customer orientation and the close relationship established with their network of independent distributors.

To this end, the two companies offer personalized support and implement innovative solutions.

It is as well as last year, Benecaid has unveiled » Honeybee «, a digital platform that allows the insured to customize his or her contract of health insurance by choosing additional collateral.

Finally, note that the APRIL group has acquired 93 % of the shares of Benecaid, the remaining 7% having been retained by the management team remains in place.

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