Data sharing : Axa launches platform

Know the data to avoid claims

Usable in 6 european countries, Axa will allow users to see data related to claims of its insured. The words of order : prevent and reduce risks.

A platform for understanding the risks

Know the risks of burglaries and water damage depending on where you live is now possible. Axa has just launched a platform allowing users to leverage data collected as a result of the loss, theft, or water damage. Called » Give Data Back «, the platform contains information visible to the public via an interactive map. This innovative approach intends to allow to reduce the risk of claims.

A collaboration between users

Frequency, average costs of the settlement of the claim, this site has been created to «provide advice to users to better protect their homes,» according to Gaelle Olivier, ceo of Axa Global P&C, who entrusts himself to The Argus insurance. Also based on the collaboration, the platform prompts each user to share its own experience in order to enrich the database. Each of the data is obviously anonymous.

A data-sharing innovative

The insurer intends to expand the scope of skills and services it offers to its policyholders and this before its competitors. Gaelle Olivier says that the » technologies today allow us now to transform unstructured data into data representing a real added value for the general public «. The next goal of Axa is going to be to expand the list of disaster but also provide authorized service providers.

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