Disabled : the Macif is involved in the «Beautiful Seine» may 30, 2018

The Macif group is involved in the edition 2018 from meeting the » Beautiful Seine «

Partner of the Paris Université Club (PUC) for over 25 years, the Macif group is involved today, Wednesday, may 30, 2018, at the meeting «Beautiful Seine » which takes place at the stade Charléty. This event enhances the image of women at sports and art and welcomes for the first time male athletes with a disability and adapted sport. Presentation.

Information on the approach Macif Egalis

Born of a desire to promote common values, the partnership between the Macif and the CVP was expanded in 1997 to a disability , to reflect the group’s commitment to the mutual insurance in favor of persons in situation of handicap.

With its stand dedicated installed at the stade Charléty, the Macif group offers audiences and visitors with information and documentation on the company and its products, with the emphasis on the approach Macif Egalis. Initiated in 2003, this process aims in particular to make products and services accessible to persons in situation of disability, while taking into account their specific needs.

The program of the edition 2018 «Beautiful Seine»

Accessible free of charge, the event is organized together with the association If It was Clear, the Committee of athletics of Paris, as well as the PUC.

It consists of many track and field events according to the following schedule :

  • 17h-18h : tests young with minimal girls and boys ;
  • 18h-19h : pre-meeting masculine with the 100 metres wheelchair and adapted sports, the 400 metres, 1,500 metres and the long jump athletes with a disability and adapted sports ;
  • 19h-20h : the meeting, «Beautiful Seine» with the 100 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1,500 meters, 100 meter hurdles, the 400 meter hurdles, the long jump and Pist’arts ;
  • 22h : closing ceremony.

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