Generali launches new insurance offering for SMES

The guarantees of this offer are flexible

The insurance company announced on 13 march that it would propose to the enterprises a new offer. Generali launches a solution to cover the financial losses as well as the overall damage of SMES.

Generali offers a solution for businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses can enjoy. Generali Protection Business announced on Tuesday 13 march, the launch of a new offering designed for SMES. The insurance company has decided to renew its offer to cover the industrial risks of enterprises. During the announcement, the insurer said there would be » a purchase, simplified, and attractive conditions «.

This new offer is dedicated to SMES located in metropolitan France

This new offer does will designate, however, that some SMES. Generali Protection Company has issued a few conditions :

  • A company that is located in metropolitan France ;
  • The surface of the buildings should not exceed 3, 000m2.

If these two conditions are met, Generali offers to SMES to ensure a capital up to 15 million euros. This offer covers all financial losses and damages affecting the property of the company. The insurance company has also stated that the guarantees of this solution were scalable according to the different needs. It will thus be possible to choose from a wide choice of optional coverages : coverage of the investments, operating losses in the event of failure of providers, etc, To be Governed Lemarchand, a member of the executive committee in charge of the customer of Pro-EP and companies property-CASUALTY insurance, this new offering is ultra-competitive. It also indicates that this » offers modernized responds to the current needs of businesses while accompanying them in their evolution and growth «.

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