Generali Vitality : Nokia, a partner of the program

What are the advantages for the members of the program Generali Vitality ?

Since a few days, the members of the program Generali Vitality can access some of the benefits of connected objects designed and offered by Nokia Health, namely, watches, bracelets, activity, thermometers and other blood pressure monitors that are connected. Explanations.

Connected objects Nokia at a reduced price

At the entrance in the program proposed by Generali France, the members can benefit from a reduction of 40 % applicable on two objects that are connected to each » year Generali Vitality «, the period of reference chosen to be awarded points and will be calculated on a year from the date of activation of the program.

In a statement, Generali considers that these products offered by Nokia satisfy the users who are willing to adopt the right behaviors for a healthier lifestyle but also those who are in search of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. For example, the scales connected to indicate the weight, the body mass index (BMI) and data relating to the body composition.

The 3 steps of the program Generali Vitality

For memory, since a year now, Generali insurance offers to the companies to put in place a prevention program for improving the well-being of employees, and this, in the framework of the formulas of pension and collective insurance business underwritten.

Specifically, the program Generali Vitality consists of 3 steps :

  • The determination of an age Generali Vitality by answering questions on various topics, as well as the definition of goals,
  • Employees take part in activities which allow them to collect points according to their rhythm and get discounts at Garmin, Weight Watchers, Auchan and of course Nokia,
  • The benefits to the partners of the program as the Club Med, air Transat, Look Voyages or even Wedoogift (Decathlon, Fnac, Sephora), which reward employees according to their investment.
  • It should be noted that there are 4 different statuses (bronze, silver, gold and finally platinum) which allow access to different levels of benefits.

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