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Mondial Assistance manages the alerts eCall in France

Mondial Assistance is also always invested with the manufacturers of motor vehicles to improve the safety of motorists. The world Leader of motor assistance, the company has in effect the approvals and certifications necessary to manage the alerts eCall in the Hexagon. Spotlight.

Mondial Assistance, an actor of the change

Fort of his 13 years of experience in theeCall TPS, Mondial Assistance has the approvals and certifications required for the management of alerts eCall in France. Such is the case for example of the certification » NF «Interoperability of Emergency Services » which can be used when an e-Call to exchange via a communication channel computer with the rescue services for the transmission of specific information such as the rental of the vehicle, for example.

Program director eCall at Allianz Partners France, Pascal Paris evokes the pride of Mondial Assistance, which puts its know-how » in the service of the safety of motorists «. In addition, the insurer is reminded that he is an actor of the change with its » partner manufacturers «, paying attention to «technological developments» and anticipating the «needs» as well as » new uses «.

Global partner Support of the National Union of Societies of Assistance

In a press release, Mondial Assistance confirms its role as a reference in the area of eCall private proving over the years its solid experience in this field. Thus, the company can boast real expertise gained since 2004 as a member of the eCall private (GST) with the car manufacturers.

In regards to emergency assistance, Mondial Assistance can rely on his 30 years of experience and its 1 700 calls daily. An advantage non-negligible in the context of the services eCall.

In addition, Mondial Assistance has a dual expertise on the private market : on the one hand, the insurer deals with other services of a nature connected and, on the other hand, it gathers with the cooperation of automotive manufacturers of the information from cars to develop a support service predictive.

Finally, since 1 April 2018, Global Assistance is a partner of the National Union of Societies of Assistance (ASCS) to implement and generalize in france the public service eCall 112.

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