Gras Savoye provides 5 sporting federations, major

In 2018, Gras Savoye has met with success in the sport insurance

First insurance broker in France, Gras Savoye has made a specialty of insurance of sports and this year 2018 appears as a turning point. Indeed, it is now 5 sports federations that have decided to grant him their entire confidence. Spotlight.

The risks of the sports activities supported

Specialist in the world of sports, the broker Gras Savoye accompanies the daily enthusiasts and professionals for the coverage of risks associated with their activities.

In 2018, the teams «Sports and Events » of the broker apprehend differently their relationship with the sporting world. In fact, 5 federations, major sports have decided to insure their risks, as well as two of their licensees with Gras Savoye. Thus, in march 2018, he became the official broker of the French golf Federation (FFGolf).

The organizers and spectators covered

More broadly, Gras Savoye is the broker of reference for many sporting events held on the French territory.

Insurance solutions-comprehensive and on-measure proposed by the dealer to allow organizers to have some coverage in case of cancellation of the sporting event. The public is covered through guarantees Civil Liability (RC) and Civil Liability of the Organizer (OR an Organizer).

Deputy managing director of Gras Savoye Willis Towers Watson France, François Bucchini welcomes the «recent success» faced by the teams «Sports and Events» that contribute to give more visibility to their » anchor very strong in the world of sport «.

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