Groupama wishes to reduce the number of accidents of tractors

The appi Vigielent fight against the accidents of vehicles slow and cumbersome

For several decades, Groupama implements preventive actions for the improvement of road safety. Today, the mutual insurance company, offers the application » Vigielent ‘, which is intended in particular to drivers of slow moving vehicles or bulky. Spotlight.

An app to slow-moving vehicles or bulky

They are cumbersome or simply slow on the road, farm vehicles can cause traffic accidents. For example, between 2004 and 2012, there were 56 victims, including 9 deaths in the wake of a disaster road involving a slow moving vehicle, according to figures unveiled by the prefecture of Côtes-d’armor.

In order to specifically reduce the accidentalité of these vehicles, Groupama now offers an ad hoc application named «Vigielent» which unfolds in the following way :

  • «Vigielent Agri » for drivers of slow moving vehicles ;
  • «Vigielent Auto » for the users of the road network.



Warn other road users

In the version designed for drivers of slow vehicles, the application «Vigielent» allows them to report their position in real time to other users of the road. In this way, these operators can contribute a share to the more harmonious of the road network. In practice, the app must be activated before taking the road to the sending of alerts to drivers who would be nearby.

In its declination » Vigielent Auto «, the app for smartphone, Groupama allows users of the road tobe informed in real time if a vehicle is slow or bulky goods are on their journey. Thus, the driver can search another route to avoid slowdowns, and especially the risk of accident.

Winner of the award for Innovation in Road Safety 2018, «Vigielent» now sees its alerts built into the navigation device GPS designed by GLOB in favor of a partnership agreement between Groupama and this application, traffic info gathering a rich community of several million users.

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