Groupama works with Quanturi to reduce the risk of fire

Groupama is interested in an innovation developed by the start-up Quanturi

The mutual insurance company Groupama is looking very closely at an innovation developed by a start-up Finnish. Called Quanturi, this company has developed a system of sensors to detect fire hazards on farms.

Groupama wants to deploy the innovation of Quanturi

A system that could help avoid many disasters. A start-up Finnish, Quanturi, has developed a system of remote temperature probe is connected to detect the risk of fire in the farms. This patented technology, would be for farmers that are specialized in the fodder. The probes, which are placed in bales of hay, covered all hours the temperature. If it is too high and may cause a fire, an alert is triggered. It is a real innovation for farmers who will be able to at the same time check the quality of their hay.

This system for the less innovative did not go unnoticed, since Groupama interest is near. The mutual insurance company has combined with the start-up and led a » pilot phase « with the start-up Finnish. The objective now is to deploy this innovation.

A system to prevent fires in farms

Quanturi does not rely on the insurer is a mutual company to develop the technology. The start-up has completed a fundraising. Demeter Ventures, and VTT Ventures participated in this new round table for 1.5 million €. «In 2018, after our success in the field of forage, we want to accelerate our development on other fermented products such as grain, compost, wood chips,» explains Nadine Pesonen, founder and leader of Quanturi, Argus insurance. The goal should be feasible ; or the fires they cause every year huge losses for the farmers.

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