Holiday start : MMA unveils his study on drowsy driving

MMA is launching a campaign to raise awareness about drowsy driving

On the eve of the great holiday and the grand chassé-croisé the summer of 2018, the MMA group unveils its new study dedicated to the drowsiness at the wheel. One learns, inter alia, that 81 % of the French who go on holiday by car will change their sleep time for this departure. Result : an increased risk of road accident. Explanations.

73 % of French people have already driven more than 2 hours without a break

This summer, a majority of French (editor’s note : 54 %) will take his car to go on vacation and 55 % of them will ride more than 500 kilometres to reach their place of resort.

Further, 81 % of drivers announce that they will change their sleep time in anticipation of the holidays, either by getting up earlier than usual (79 %), either by going to bed later the night before D-day (23 %). Has the time to explain this change in the time of sleep, these drivers say they want to enjoy a smoother flow (73 %).

In addition, 73 % of the French say they have already driven more than 2 hours without making the slightest pause. A bad habit that affects mainly men (77 %) and younger drivers (79% were between 25 and 34 years). Why do this ? They evoke the look forward to be at the place of their holidays (30 %) or the desire to arrive at a particular time (23 %).

It should finally be noted that, in 25% of cases, the French are not aware of the negative impact of fatigue on their driving (+6 points compared to the edition 2017 of the study MMA).

Still received ideas on the sleepiness

While 63 % of drivers have already experienced an episode of sleepiness at the wheel with yawning repeatedly, trouble concentrating or tingling of the eyes, they resort to bad solutions and ideas to avoid dozing off while driving :

  • Drinking coffee (53 %, down 4 %),
  • Open the windows (48 %, down 1 %),
  • Listening to music at a high volume (25 %, down 2 %).

On the other hand, the French seem to have absorbed the benefits of the break as they are 94 % to refer to it as being a solution to combat drowsiness at the wheel.

Finally, in order to prevent road accidents caused by drowsiness at the wheel, the MMA is launching a summer campaign to raise awareness on the wave-based prevention messages. Further, practical advice, as well as thematic articles are available on the web platform

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