Lending to the SMES : Allianz France between the capital of Lendix

Allianz France on the supervisory board of Lendix

In a statement, Allianz France ad to be entered the capital of Lendix, the first French platform of loans to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMES). In addition, the insurer became a member of the supervisory board of the company in its fund raising of € 32 million. Spotlight.

Getting a loan from individuals and institutions

Investor reference, Allianz France has recently invested in Lendix. With this entry into the capital of the French start-up, the insurer wants to accompany its development in france as well as in the rest of Europe, especially among German neighbors.

For the record, Lendix is a european platform of loans to SME, leader in France even than in continental Europe, allowing eligible companies to borrow directly from private and institutional organizations without having to go through banking institutions.

Since its establishment in September 2014, Lendix is highly developed and has loaned nearly € 190 million.

To accompany the «young French companies innovative»

President and Chief Executive of Allianz France, Jacques Richier evokes the «satisfaction» of the insurer to be able to offer guidance to the «young French companies that innovate in their development», but also to take part in «sustainable economic growth» and the » financing of the real economy «.

All officers of Lendix, Olivier Goy and Patrick de Nonneville say about them, «delighted to welcome the Allianz group as a shareholder and member of [the] supervisory board» of the start-up. And, interested parties to consider the new turn table carried out will enable the start-up «to be full [operational] in 5 countries» by the end of this year and in 7 countries by next year.

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