MAAF : a new concept of agency in the face of declining attendance

The MAAF wants to improve the customer experience

The agencies of the various insurers are experiencing a decrease in physical for the past few years. In view of this, the MAAF has launched an agency not quite like the others. Is this the future of the physical networks ?

Reinvent customer care

The MAAF has since 5 years a 30% decline in its numbers in the physical network. With 574 agencies throughout France, the insurance company has decided to innovate in order for the insured to see the points of sale of a look at it again. In the 12th arrondissement of Paris, the MAAF has therefore put in place a agency test. This prototype, located in Daumesnil, is a new concept that innovates completely as to the reception of customers. When asked by The Argus of Insurance, Nathalie Ciornei, director of the department of network agencies of the MAAF, insists on the fact that this idea was not intended to » counteract a tendency societal inevitable «. On the contrary, the aim is for it to » re-invent the customer relationship «.

The necessary changes

To » adapt to new customer behaviours «, as underlined by Stéphane Duroule, director-general of the MAAF, this agency has been completely redesigned. The advertising posters have left the place of glass transparent and areas that are more comfortable. It is especially on a custom support to customers that the focus has been. Another new feature : when the agency is closed, it is possible to make an appointment using a touch pad located at the door. These transformations are essential as is the physical network «in the customer journey «, underlines Nathalie Ciornei.

A concept to expand into other cities

With this new concept, the MAAF no sign so not the end of agencies, but rather go into a new era. While the number of agencies MAAF remains stable, their functioning depends on the territory where they are installed. In the meantime, the Paris Daumesnil, will be used to test before new see the light of day. The MAAF account, in fact, try this concept in other types of cities : large and medium-sized.

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