Macif is launching the 1st prepaid card multicurrency for teens

A prepaid card, with multi-currency signed Macif to empower teens

Alongside its members and their children in the important moments of life, the Macif group is now offering 12-17 year olds a pre-paid card, multi-currency and rechargeable online by the parents. This introduction to the management of a budget allows these young people to be empowered and to become more self-reliant. Presentation.

Learn how to manage money

The Macif is a pioneer since it is the 1st French company to offer a card with multi-currency for young people between 12 and 17 years of age. This innovation is possible thanks to Paytop, fintech leader of the services related to online payment to the international and specialist cards multi-currency payment.

Accessible to children of members, Macif, this card prepaid Mastercard® allows you to initiate the management of money. In addition, it can be recharged by parents very simply by bank card, and this, no matter their bank of origin.

Finally, in order to provide enhanced user safety, the prepaid card is to a permission of the account balance. In other words, the child will not be able to spend the only money available on the card, avoiding any form of overdraft.

Win a trip to Australia !

With this card, teens can benefit from a real financial freedom and, thanks to the different currencies interchangeable present on this card (euro, pound sterling, swiss franc as well as us dollars, canadian and australian), it is possible to make direct payments in shops, withdraw money or pay for purchases online.

At 18 euros per year, the prepaid card, with multi-currency is only available on the site includes :

  • The reload fee,
  • The monthly fee of management of the card,
  • The costs of withdrawal at automatic teller machines (ATMS) in the euro area,
  • Payments at merchants in the euro area.

It also comes with the following services :

  • The payment without contact,
  • 2 spaces of connection, one for the management of the parents and the other for consultation by the youth and the evolution of its budget,
  • Of dedicated advisors.

Also note that the prepaid card 12-17 years Mastercard® is available in two different versions which are shown below :




Finally, for the launch of this novelty, the Macif group has decided to organize a big game of October 16 to November 10, 2017. If you buy a prepaid card before the last date, you can try to win a trip to Australia for a period of 14 days and for 4 people. More information on the website of the Macif.

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