Macif is testing his service pipe connected

Macif drivers : the service pipe connected

The society of mutual insurance group has announced the launch of its service pipe connected Macif drivers. Tested with young drivers, this system must serve to strengthen the security behind the wheel.

A service pipe is connected, which provides advice

The Macif group confirms its interest for the auto connected. Macif has just announced the launch of a whole new experiment. The society of mutual insurance group will, in effect, test its service to conduct connected with young drivers. Named Macif Drivers, this system will allow young members of Macif to modify their behaviour to reduce the risk at the wheel. «With MACIF drivers, we do not have commercial objectives. We offer to the young people of the valuable services that they can act on their conduct in everyday life , «explains Julien Hue, program Manager, Vehicle Connected.

Concretely, the Macif provides free disposal of these young drivers, a tool of conduct connected, Macif Drivers. It is a smartphone app and case that connects into the car. This application is enriched as the driver leads. With the information collected by Macif Drivers, the young associate may change his or her conduct. In effect, the application proposes to analyze their behavior, identify the errors, convenient services if the insured has a problem and prevention tips.

Young drivers : a limited experience

If the Macif has decided to focus its service on young drivers this is not a coincidence. These latter have in fact a limited experience. In a press release, the group explains that Macif Drivers can help avoid tragedy. «The accident of the young is a real tragedy of society. The technology and its use in MACIF drivers can help to change things. There is no hesitation : if this device can save lives, we have the duty to act. It is at the very foundation of the values that the Macif group defends, » says Philip Perrault, vice-chairman of the Macif group in charge of the property business. In addition to analyses and advice, the Macif put on the playful side. A challenge system was put in place. One way to encourage young people to use the application.

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