Malakoff Médéric’s says his strategy of investing in start-ups

Malakoff Médéric : 150 million euros to invest in start-ups

Present during the edition 2018 the ces in Las Vegas, Malakoff Médéric took the opportunity to clarify its investment strategy with respect to start-ups. Thus, it was learned in particular that this actor of complementary social protection had entered into a partnership with Idinvest Partners to manage its investment fund. Explanations.

The investment funds «MM Innov’ » said

On the occasion of its third consecutive participation at the Consumer Electronic Show (ces) in Las Vegas, Malakoff Médéric has announced the signing of a partnership with Idinvest Partners for the management of its new investment fund dedicated to start-ups in the fintech, e-health, human resources and, more broadly, of services Business-to-Business (B2B).

Announced at the end of 2017 and named «MM Innov’ «, the investment fund of 150 million euros devoted to the start-ups must meet a triple objective :

  • The anticipation of the evolutions of the market,
  • The follow-up of innovations,
  • The support and the acceleration of the transformation to digital and data group.

The management of this investment fund will be mainly provided in collaboration with Idinvest via a fund dedicated to Malakoff Médéric as well as participation in the open-ended fund Idinvest Digital Fund III. What remains of this investment will be the subject of an apportionment between the different funds, open pocket and a managed live.

«activ’mm 360 «, with the device for officers and employees

During its presence at ces 2018, state-wide celebration of new technologies, the Malakoff Médéric group has unveiled » activ’mm 360 «, of the support system in the daily lives of the executives and employees that is helping to drive the development of the quality of life at work (QVT), to improve health and well-being of employees and reduce thus the absenteeism in the company.

For its operation, with data internal and external to the company are collected and analysed for the definition of models for the prediction of absenteeism and the development of prevention devices custom.

Finally, note that these devices pertain to both employees and employers (leaders, managers, human resources directorate (DRH)), which can use themobile application » activ’mm « and theapplication » activ’mm Pro «.

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