Matmut partners with Michelin to launch the service Matmut Connect Auto

The insurance company launches Matmut Connect Auto

The mutual insurance company, and Michelin have launched an experiment to coaching connected. Named Matmut Connect Auto, this service will be tested with 2,000 clients of the insurance.

An experience of 15 months with of 2 000 insured persons

15 months to test the conduct of 2 000 motorists. The group Matmut and Michelin come to develop a device to improve the conduct of the French. This coaching service connected for motorist named Matmut Connect Auto is going to be tested with 2 000 customers of the insurance. During 15 months, these drivers will benefit from driving tips customized via a mobile application.

Thanks to the technology DDI (Driving Data to Intelligence) of the group Michelin, Matmut Connect Auto will analyze the driving behaviors. «Driving Data to Intelligence intends to position itself as a world reference in the data to conduct useful and intelligent, at the service of the motorist,» says Jerome Charachon, responsible for DDI. 2 000 insured persons experiencing this service will also allow the insurance company to learn more about the habits of motorists. Michelin and Matmut explain that such confidential information will have no impact on the auto insurance policy of the » testers «.

The pay provided for the volunteers

«We are convinced that the device Matmut Connect Auto we will learn a lot about the conduct on the road, provide good advice and to anticipate the mobility of tomorrow,» says Nicolas Gomart, director-general of the group Matmut. These tips for the benefit of motorists will be based on all journeys. So that the evolution of the conduct may be measured. Another positive point for the 2,000 customers who have agreed to test this service : they will be paid. After the first 500, a cheque of 50 € will be sent to them.



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