Matmut saw his home insurance policy

Discover the house insurance reviewed and corrected the group Matmut

In france, the group Matmut covers nearly 2.2 million persons in home insurance. The insurer today offers a revised and updated version of his home insurance to more personalized, more readable and better suited to the needs of each individual. Spotlight.

Insurance house more readable and custom

Eager to respond more effectively to the expectations of its members and prospects, the group Matmut decided to change the structure of its insurance contract house to offer a » tailor-made «.

This relates to the phrases » principal Residence «, «secondary Residence » and «Owner-non-occupant » that are now more readable and personalized without that this leads to both a weakening of the protection offered to the insured.

Of course, it is possible to enhance its level of protection thanks to the additional options. We can mention helter-skelter the warranty Failure appliance, the legal protection for the insured property or the retrofitting of nine extended.



An important communication campaign

To accompany the launch of this new offer on home insurance, the group Matmut carries out the deployment of a broad communication device that echoes the position of the insurer as » an accomplice of lives «.

More specifically, an ad of 15 and 30 seconds, hinged around the value of «Tolerance» is broadcast on television. On the Internet and smartphone, we found a spot in the video format. This refers in particular to the replay, social media and video platforms such as Dailymotion and YouTube.

In terms of display, the format » cinemagraph «, that is to say, a photograph, animated by a light repetitive movement, is used everywhere in France. The XXL format is present in many shopping centers. Finally, posters are also present in the agencies Matmut.

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