Mondial Assistance reveals the Coaching School and Student

Mondial Assistance in the struggle against failure at school with his new offer

Mondial Assistance has launched a’ Coaching School and Student «. Intended for young schoolchildren, students up to 25 years, as well as their parents, this new offer of services and advice appears to be very complete. Presentation.

A service available at any time

First a source of anxiety for the students in the school, the academic failure is also a source of concern for parents who sometimes feel helpless.

It is for this reason that Global Assistance offers Coaching to School and Student » for young school children, students up to 25 years of age and their parents.

In practice, the young person or his family may request this service at any time if he feels the need. Also note that the «Coaching School and Student» can play in special circumstances such as a death in the family, an accident, illness or loss of employment of one of the parents, etc.

Advisors «Orientation to Employment»

A closer look, the offer «Coaching School and Student» consists of 4 components that it is possible to adapt and customize according to the needs of the young person, namely :

  • Coaching,
  • Assistance with homework,
  • The psychological assistance,
  • The advice to the parents of the young.

For the development of this new offer, Mondial Assistance has requested its teams of advisors «Orientation to Employment» which are entirely devoted to young people and their parents.

Specialized in coaching school, employment and counselling, these counsellors make an assessment of the needs of the beneficiaries to answer the best possible to their needs and concerns throughout their education and their professional life.

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