«My International Health «, the mutual of APRIL for expatriates

«My International Health» from APRIL to the people in a situation of international mobility

Today, more than 230 million people live outside their country of origin as’expatriates’, a generic term that hides a great variety of profiles and needs. Because the profiles of expatriates are changing the insurance needs, the APRIL group now offers » My International Health «. Spotlight.

Guarantees that are numerous, flexible and complete

It is in its brand APRIL International that the APRIL group offers » My International Health «, the solution to the health insurance flexible and adaptable to each profile of expatriates to enable them to » take full advantage of their international experience , «according to a press release from the broker wholesaler.

Formula of mutual health card specially designed for the expatriates, «My International Health» consists of a wide variety of guarantees to be both flexible and comprehensive that it is possible to subscribe to independently of each other in health, welfare, repatriation assistance or civil liability, to respond to the needs of people in a situation of international mobility, alone or together with their family, in a personal or strictly professional.

Among the various features of this contract of health insurance, it is possible to cite, in a jumble :

  • A single offering that integrates a broad palette of possibilities for a cover-to-measure,
  • The coverage levels are adapted to the needs and budgets of a variety of profiles,
  • The simplified approaches, and digitised repayment with, in the case of hospitalization, the possibility of a direct payment to the hospital and, for any invoice up to 1, 000 euros, using the app » Easy Claim «,
  • Advisors APRIL International are available and contactable at all times on different channels of communication, whether by phone, by email or via social networks such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Skype,
  • The reduced contributions up to 10 % if the insured recommends that the contract to one of his close friends thanks to the module » Community «.

A new web site for APRIL International

In parallel with the launch of this new form of health insurance for the expatriate, the APRIL group has unveiled a web site, fully revised and corrected for a insurance policy easier.

Entirely dedicated to the mobility offerings, this platform 100 % responsive design must be able to respond to questions and to the needs of customers and prospective customers of APRIL International. Thus, the user only has to answer 4 questions to find the right solution for their various needs.

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