National day of Caregivers : the Macif strengthens its commitments

More than 30 events in the region for the National Day of Carers 2017

On the 6th of October next will be the National Day of Carers 2017 (JNA 2017). For the 8th year in a row, the Macif group has agreed to lend its support to this event and to reaffirm its commitment to helping carers. Spotlight.

The program of the National Day of Carers 2017

In an echo to its values of mutual Macif has been investing since 2002 with caregivers through concrete commitments.

For this new National Day of Carers, the different «moments» can be highlighted :

  • The support of the edition 2017 of the book of Blandine Bricka entitled «A business (almost) ordinary — Words of help at home » which gives voice to the professionals and thus casts light on this business quite misunderstood and yet vital for hundreds of thousands of families,
  • The practical guide «to Be helping and working » developed specifically for JNA 2017 with the assistance of the Observatory of Social Responsibility of Enterprises (ORSE) who is interested in the consequences of the dependency on the professional and personal life of the caregiver,
  • From late September to early December 2017, thirty events are expected in regions to the caregivers and their dependent relatives such as the Forum of caregivers parisians organized by Macif in partnership with the Regional health Insurance Fund of the Ile-de-France (CRAMIF) and with the support of the Mairie de Paris.


This 8th edition of the National Day of Carers will also be the opportunity to show its support with Diffuz, social network 100 % supportive of the Macif group. It is for the general public to rise to a challenge to solidarity, 6 October next. The principle : to say «I help thee» by replacing its profile photo on social media by the logo JNA 2017 visible below), and widely publicizing the hashtag #jna2017 :



The commitment of the Macif to the helpers and the helped

Faithful to its values of solidarity, innovation and trust, the Macif group appears as a forerunner on the issue of caregivers because, as early as 2002, he advised and accompanied in daily life. He had even launched the program » Caregivers&Helped «.

This long-time commitment is materialized through various initiatives of the mutual insurance company :

  • In 2007, Macif created the 1st web site dedicated to caregivers to enable them to access many of the information and assume their role without diminishing their quality of life,
  • Since 2010, the Macif group is a partner of the National Day of Carers and carries out awareness-raising actions in the region for a mobilization of the public authorities, as well as an awareness of citizenship,
  • Between 2014 and 2016, the corporate Foundation of the Macif group and UNA Isère create a respite service to home caregivers
  • In 2017, in partnership with IMA and Monitorlinq, Macif is experimenting with an innovative system of maintaining the home for dependent elderly people who, thanks to connected objects and sensors linked to an application triggers an alert in case of detection of an unusual situation.

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