«Preference Customer» : the new advertising saga of the Maaf

In the new ad, several «wicked» conspiring against the Maaf

The Maaf, mark of the Covéa group, presented early in the year 2018 of its new advertising saga. Farewell the » reference price-quality « and the Palace-style ; the insurer is launching a campaign inspired OSS 117 with a new slogan : » Preference Customer «.

An advertising campaign worthy of an espionage film

The year 2018 is a synonym of renewal for the Maaf. The insurance company, and the brand of the Covéa group, presented a few days ago its new advertising saga. While the insurer relied until now on a style inspired of the series Palace, the new advertisements are freely inspired by the universe of OSS 117. This new saga, coming straight from the spy movies of the 1970s, presents several «bad guys» conspirant against the Maaf. Their idea is simple : to retain customers who prefer the Maaf.



The customer at the heart of the new strategy of the Maaf

This preference for the Maaf is also the new slogan of the insurer. Forget the » reference price-quality «, the insurance account to bet on the insured in its new strategy. «Our ambition is to win the preference customer, to ensure that the customers come in and stay with Maaf because we offer them the best experience in the field of insurance. The communication should be a lever at the service of this strategic ambition «, expliqueStéphane Duroule, chief executive officer of Maaf Insurance, Argus Insurance.

The insurer wants to boost its brand image

By placing the customer at the heart of its new strategy, the Maaf wants to strengthen its brand image. The insurance is in the 3rd position concerning the recognition and 2nd place in the ranking of the insurers the most attractive, according to the Observatory Argus-Opinion Way of the banking and insurance by 2017. To maintain or improve, the mark of the Covéa group plans to give «regular appointment to the French» shows Bruno Lacoste, director of marketing and external communication of the mutual. The next few months have in store for us so many surprises.

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