Prevention : the Macif is involved for the security of motorcycles and scooters

March 17, 2018, the Macif will unveil a new pedagogical device

If they represent 2 % of road traffic in France, drivers of motorized two-wheelers are involved in 23% of traffic accidents. Committed for more than 20 years in road safety, the Macif group is deploying a new pedagogical device. Presentation.

The construction of a simulator of shock

With the assistance of the Delegation to the Road Safety and Training Centre for Apprentices (CFA) of Marly, in the Moselle, the Macif will propose on march 17, next a comprehensive framework of prevention two-wheelers providing :

  • The construction by the apprentices of the » Helmet Clash «, a simulator of shock over a helmet two-wheels of the latest generation,
  • Training for the use of this tool of awareness the headphone port as well as the messages to communicate to young people to protect themselves by powered two-wheelers,
  • The deployment of awareness-raising actions at the port of the helmet, taking advantage of the simulator of shock at the destination of the CFA and, more widely, of young drivers of motorized two-wheelers.

The pedagogical device designed with the assistance of the CFA Marly must allow a user awareness of motorcycles and scooters to the necessity of owning the right equipment for their security, namely the helmet, gloves and, if possible, a jacket, a trousers as well as footwear.

A free training of driving on a race track on two wheels

Concretely, «Helmet Shock» consists of the projection of a helmet moped against a surface to simulate the violence of a shock, which makes it «a tool of awareness-raising formidable with moped drivers,» according to the insurance group.

For the record, the Macif group has already had occasion to illustrate in the prevention of road risks. Thus, at the end of 2016, courses of conduct on circuit organized in 8 French cities, and specially designed for the drivers of two-wheelers had increased the awareness of more than 750 young people by combining theory and practice.

In June 2018, the Macif will offer a new free training of driving on a race track in 5 French cities for drivers of large vehicles. It will be particularly the question of the importance of the individual equipment of protection.

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