Social Protection : A partnership between Uber and Axa for the self-employed

Axa and Uber partner to the social protection of drivers

On the 26th of July, Axa France and Uber signed a partnership in order to better protect the drivers Uber. Since the 26 October, the insurer and the platform of the VTC has put in place provides them with social protection.

After Deliveroo, a partenriat with Uber

Drivers VTC who use the platform Uber now have the opportunity to benefit from social protection health and social welfare. At the time of signature, on 26th July, Axa France and Uber France had intended that this agreement can provide drivers protection «, notably in the support, in the event of an accident, costs of health care, compensation in case of incapacity as well as the compensation of the right holders in case of death, » according to The Argus of insurance. This offer is now available and is titled » Driver by Axa «. The presentation of this offer comes a few weeks after that, Axa partnered with Deliveroo to offer drivers the same type of social protection.

Free cover

«Driver by Axa» is an offer of social protection free of charge and optional. To waive the driver must send a mail to Axa, which will, in the two months to cancel the guarantees. If the driver decides to withdraw after you have accepted this coverage, he must do so within 14 days of the agreement. To take advantage of this offers health and welfare, the drivers for Uber should sign up directly on their application. While currently 4 drivers on 5 do not enjoy personal coverage, this offer may complement those subscribed personally.

Protection in the event of an accident

The supply of social protection will, therefore, help protect the drivers of VTC Uber. Concerning health, this coverage comes in addition to the repayments of social Security for the hospitalization and care of the city to the tune of 100% and 150% products medical equipment and prostheses. Finally, for the foresight, the drivers will be able to be compensated in the event of death, serious accident or disability :

  • Rate of less than 10% : a package;
  • Rate of less than 50% of : an annual pension which will be equal to the net income multiplied by half the rate of disability
  • Rate higher than 50% : one and a half times the disability rate.

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